Our Proven Marketing System Gives Us Local, Regional, And National Reach


Prestige Group Senior Housing Division is dedicated to providing value added professional services to our clients. Our approach to marketing a Senior Housing Facility or Care Facility is to be fully knowledgeable of the marketplace, potential Buyers and goals of the Seller.


Strategy, Vision, Plan, Success

Property Evaluation

Successful marketing of facilities begins with proper pricing. To achieve the maximum price for a facility requires accurate evaluation.

Prestige Group Senior Housing Division does exhaustive research to best market each facility. Being able to understand and analyze financial statements, the local, regional and national marketplace, market trends and comparable sales enables us to more accurately value a facility prior to marketing. Our in-depth assessment of a facility often yields the Seller more for the property than the Seller originally expected.

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A specific marketing plan is developed for each of the facilities we market for sale or lease.

Prestige Group Marketing
  • Pre-Market Evaluation
    • We conduct a pre-market evaluation of the facility that includes historical and current financial information, performance, potential up-side, asking price range and capitalization rate calculations etc.
  • Confidential Offering Memorandums
    • Professionally prepared full color marketing packages are produced for all of our listings. They are tailored to the specifics of each facility.
    • We highlight the benefits of your facility. We include financial analysis and projections, key investment highlights and growth potential, overview of the facility, history, location, financial and operational results, selling price, reasons for selling, rationale for price, growth potential, service area demographics, property information as well as sales comparables.
    • We feature the points that would match future buyers’ needs.
    • We also include comprehensive photographs of the facility thereby reducing tours and maintaining confidentiality
    • Offering Memoranda are available digitally as well as hard copy.
  • Target Marketing
    • We utilize our in-house data-base of Senior Housing Industry Owners, Operators, Investors, Attorneys and Consultants developed by Ron Krieger and his team over the past 13 plus years to target market our listings via:
          - Direct Mail Campaigns
          - E-Mail Campaigns

Our years of developing relationships with decision makers in the Senior Housing industry are central to the success of our successful marketing system.

  • Advertising
    • When appropriate, print and e-mail advertising campaigns are developed utilizing local, regional and national newspapers, Senior Housing industry magazines and websites.
  • Online Showings
    • Listed facilities are available to be viewed on our website after a Buyer has been qualified and registered. This also reduces the amount of physical tours through the facility and helps to maintain confidentiality.
  • Facility Showings
    • We understand the need for discretion during the sales process. Therefore, we coordinate and accompany qualified Buyers on tours through the property.

Seller Services

Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division offers comprehensive Seller Representation Services; from planning, positioning and marketing a facility, determining the value of the facility, identifying, soliciting and qualifying buyers in a bidding process, through negotiating the deal to the closing.

We represent companies and individuals in selling their facilities.

On behalf of our Sellers, we supervise the entire transaction procedure from first listing the facility through settlement.

We prepare and coordinate execution of confidential agreements by potential Buyers.

We prepare and disseminate Offering Memorandum to potential Buyers as well as extensive target marketing.

We are an integral part of the negotiation process. We ensure that all contingencies are met and specifics handled in a professional as well as timely manner.

We also oversee the escrow process.

With issues specific to this industry like governmental regulations, permits, zoning and financing, Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division understands how to navigate through the complex and often overwhelming bureaucracy.

"Whew! Are we ever glad to have sold Mannco! Thank you, thank you and thank you for selling it for us. We really appreciate the professional, thoughtful and thorough way you handled the sale."

-- The Seven Mann Sisters & Brothers
"I am writing to thank you for selling The Gardens of Cross Keys, a vacant 106-bed ALF facility. Your communication skills and attention to detail were key components to making the sale smooth and successful."

-- Sara K. Gowing, CEO, The Quaker Group

Buyer Services

On behalf of our Buyers, we assist in determining how much they can afford and do targeted acquisition searches to screen and evaluate acquisition opportunities which fit in their price range and locale. We represent the Buyer’s best interest and will prepare and present offers to the Seller as well as assist in securing financing.

We are an integral part of the negotiation process. We ensure that all contingencies are met and specifics handled in a professional as well as timely manner.

With issues specific to this industry like governmental regulations, permits, zoning and financing, we understand how to navigate through the complex and often overwhelming bureaucracy.


Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division appreciates the complexities and strategies needed for a successful 1031 or Tenant in Common Tax Deferred Exchange. Time being of the essence in a 1031 Exchange, Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division works diligently to complete the transaction.

"Now that settlement of our newly acquired 65 bed assisted living facility is completed, we wanted to commend and thank you for an excellent job as our Buyer representative. You took the time to understand our acquisition requirements and then do a comprehensive search to find a facility that fit our criteria. We have dealt with national firms and have never received the personalized service, attention to detail and expertise that we received from you and Prestige Group."

-- Dave Norcini


Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the sales process of a Senior Housing and Healthcare Facility. We work hard to preserve the confidentiality of a facility as we don’t want to compromise a facility's reputation and value with its residents, their families, employees and the community.

We understand that Seller’s want their facilities exposed to as wide an audience as possible. We tightly control the dissemination of information. Our confidential sales process strikes the balance between confidentiality and market exposure.

Due to the confidential nature of this industry, please contact us for a confidential conversation regarding your needs.

Richard Natow:
800-866-5876 ext. 111

"I appreciated your patience and found your council to be invaluable; through it all you were able to get me very close to my, (dream), asking price. You demonstrated an unwavering work ethic supported by constant communication which brought the deal to a close. There's no doubt in my mind that your sincerity and concern were genuine and I thank you."

-- Allen D. Whitehead - Chestnut Hill Manor, Brodheadsville, PA.